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 The Expeditionary Force

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The Expeditionary Force Empty
PostSubject: The Expeditionary Force   The Expeditionary Force Icon_minitimeMon Jun 25, 2012 12:37 pm

When the decision to abandon the Golgoth home plane was reached by the ruling council of the Golgothan Empire, they threw their considerable resources into researching ways to move entire cities and masses of people safely and efficiently as possible. Through many years of research, experiments, and testing through the use of slaves the Golgothan Empire managed to finally create a feasable ritual through with portions of itself could be transported, on at a time, through interplanar gates, this ritual, called the Ritual of the Journey, utulized large floating cities known as 'homeships', these massive cities, at once deadly citadels of destuctive arcane power, as well as a safe haven - home - for its peoples, were to go one at a time, through the artificial plane gates escorted by two lesser floating constructs known as 'keeps'. These 'Homeships' and their escorts were to go, two to each plane, to help ensure that the Golgothan Empire would endure, regardless of what was on the other side of the Planar Gates - after all, if one Expedition fails, there are countless more in other planes that will doubtlessly succeed.

To each expedition there are the following leaders:
* Each leader is responsible for either the Spiritual or Physical needs of the people populating their given 'Homeship' *

  • 3 Priest/esses of the Divided god Obanal representing the aspects of Good, Evil, and Neutrality.

  • A Lord or General of the highest ranking and possesing a lineage that can be traced back to one of the founders of the Golgothan Empire
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The Expeditionary Force
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