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 The Dulling

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The Dulling Empty
PostSubject: The Dulling   The Dulling Icon_minitimeMon Jun 25, 2012 12:20 pm

In order for life to exist there must be law and chaos.Without chaos, nothing would change and life as we now it would grind to a halt stopped by an excess of 'laws'. Without law, chaos would reign, things would be unpredicatble - the sun would rise in the North, set in East. There might be no tides, or perhaps there would be no continents with the being burrined by the sea - and it would never happen the same way again.

The Dulling refers to the outcome of a war concerning to creatures that have been around since before the dawn of the universe. They are the Proteans and the Archons.
Proteans represent primeval chaos and the Archons, order. Naturaly, these creatures are bitter foes as each represents what is anathema to the other. Ordinarily, in a 'healthy' universe, this war is unending and has nartural rythms, very rarely however, something can happen that will upset this delicate balance and result in one side gainning the upper hand in the conflict. When this happens, the winning side's influences begin to seep out into the universe at large and will being to influence it, to change it.

In the Golgothan universe, the war is almost won with the winning side being the Archons - with their soon to be victory, life in the world is beginning to grind to a halt. Ths has driven the Golgothan Empire into a corner and has forced them to come to a decision that would, ordinarily, be unthinkable - the abandonment of their home plane or 'universe' in order to retreat to another plane in which to rebuild and to make their home.
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The Dulling
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