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Flights of Fantasy

Group of guys playing Pathfinder
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 Pilgrimage to the Burning Tree of My Forefathers

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PostSubject: Pilgrimage to the Burning Tree of My Forefathers   Tue Jun 19, 2012 7:59 pm

Day One

I awake to find my self knee deep in a sea of grain, with a bright blue sky above me. I know not where I am, and there is not a soul in site. I gather my supplies and begin to walk south, ever closer to the burning winds. After humming "The Fields of Gold" for what seems like hours, I come upon a hill. And it is there that I made camp. From my seat upon the hill I can see a dark forest in the distance. Tomorrow I shall follow the path into these woods, ever supressing my urges to burn.

Notus Firescribe, Monk of the South Wind
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Pilgrimage to the Burning Tree of My Forefathers
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